Our Staffing Process – High Level

Bizintex’s 12 – Step Staffing Process

1. Identify Candidate

  • Qualified candidates are chosen from sources including our internal databases with hundreds of thousands of pre-qualified candidates; technology user groups; and our own bench of technical resources.

2. Complete Prescreen Form

  • Candidates are prescreened over the phone.
  • Candidates are asked a series of questions to gain an understanding of the individual’s technical qualifications, level of interest in a career change, current salary, future salary expectations, availability, etc.

Process continues if candidate fits profile

3. Bizintex Office Interview

  • Candidate is scheduled for onsite Bizintex’s office Interview.
  • Confirm phone screen Information and determine  Interpersonal and communication skills, degree of professionalism, future goals and meet other Bizintex employees

4. Evaluation

  • Assessment of candidate’s technical abilities via online, standardized test,
  • Onsite interview with senior technical consultant

5. Reference Check

  • Four References Checked: Two supervisors & two co-workers.
  • Bizintex probes on work ethics, teamwork and technical strengths

6. Resume Submittal

  • Resume is reviewed with candidate for accuracy and completeness.
  • Resume is reformatted to Bizintex’s standard and candidate is briefed on all possible assignments.
  • Bizintex submits candidates whose skills best match our client’s requirements

7. Client Interview

  • Candidate is prepared for the client Interview.
  • Job requirements discussed.
  • Client’s environment and candidate’s needs discussed.
  • Candidate instructed to contact Bizintex after the interview to provide feedback.

8. Candidate Offer

  • Client acceptance of candidate is received.
  • Candidate is contacted to extend offer

9. Drug/Background Check

  • Complete any pending drug and background checks

10. Close Down

  • Start details are confirmed with the client and confirmed with the candidate/consultant
    • Start date
    • Start time
    • Whom to report to
    • What to bring
    • Attire

11. Maintenance

  • Prepare the candidate to meet client’s expectations.
  • Prior to start date Account Manager contacts client.
  • Once a month, to ensure expectations are being met, the recruiter contacts consultant and any questions or concerns

12. Notice of End Date

  • Client notifies Bizintex 30 Days prior to end of contract.
  • Candidate will be re-assigned